Computer Arts
Oct, 2009

From leading and kerning to managing your fonts correctly, our panel of experts from around the globe offer essential advice for honing your type skills

114 New Tips For Type

1) Be observant, look for and pay attention to the type that surrounds you. Is it working? Why or why not? Be aware of what you like and dislike, then apply it in your practice. Also, try to make a point of learning the history of typefaces, possibly make a goal to do so once a week. Love type, treat it nice, observe and obsess over it, build a relationship with it. This is how the beginning of any healthy relationship starts.

2) All designers and typographers should read The Crystal Goblet, or Printing should be invisible by Beatrice Warde. This is an enlightening essay assessing the proper uses of type and typography as a tool. By the end of the article assess whether you agree or disagree with the opinions presented. Do you agree wholly, partially or not at all? This will tell you a lot about who you are as a designer and typographer.

3) Don’t put type on such a pedestal that it becomes daunting and untouchable. Too many designers are afraid of creating, customizing, and dare I say, altering type. The most beautiful type treatments you see are often hand-drawn, or altered by the hand of a designer/typographer. Remember to play and experiment, let your creative juices flow, no one is watching I promise, the outcome will surprise you!

Computer Arts Magazine, October 2009, Pg. 36-46