Cardon Webb

New Mexico-born, Idaho-raised, and New York City-based, Cardon Webb studied under Paul Sahre at the School of Visual Arts before working first, with Louise Fili at her New York studio, and subsequently with John Gall at Vintage Books. Currently he is the Assoc. Art Director of Broadway Books at Crown.

Cardon’s thesis project, Cardon Copy, a visual exploration of self-distributed street fliers and tear-offs, was honored with a solo exhibition at the Type Directors Club highlighting his project. He is also the curator of several TDC shows and auctions, including Beautifully Banal, and Posters of Fortune. The renowned designers and artists who have collaborated with Cardon on the TDC shows are too many to list, but include: Niklaus Troxler, Carin Goldberg, James Victore, and Alex Trochut.

Cardon had the privilege of working on-site with established contemporary artist David Salle on typographical explorations. His work at Vintage books has been praised by Design Bureau and Frame magazines, and his innovative designs for the complete works of Oliver Sacks were included in PRINT magazine’s best book covers of 2011.

In his non-existent spare time, Cardon recently completed a Post Graduate degree in Typeface Design from the Cooper Union (Type@Cooper). Outside of design Cardon enjoys rock climbing, skate and snowboarding, thrifting and raising his newly born daughter Cree and son Koos with his beautiful wife Kelly Sue.




Professional Memberships

TDC (Type Directors Club)

AIGA/NY (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

ADC (Art Directors Club)

Speaking / Presentations


Selected Clients

The New York Times, Intel, Knopf, Pantheon, Crown Publishing Group, New York Magazine, Simon and Schuster, Yosi Samra, Riverhead Books, Granta, W.W. Norton & Co.

Cardon Webb

“Thank god we can’t clone him (yet), we’d all be out of work.”
—John Gall

“I sit back in bemused awe watching Cardon Webb’s bright career arc.”
—James Victore

“Believe me when I say that  CARDON  is my favorite designer working today. He/She is an amazing talent with an unbelievable work ethic. Need a thoughtful, beautiful cover, done quickly Then  CARDON  is your man/woman!”
—Peter Mendelsund

“Cardon Webb infuses his work with a remarkable combination of distinction, spirit, intelligence, and a serious engagement with the world that is uniquely his own.  In a time when images are everywhere, screaming for our attention, his distinctiveness is an important and necessary asset. ”
—Debbie Millman

“Cardon uses all the best colors and shapes and leaves nothing for the rest of us.”
—Paul Sahre

“When Cardon showed up in my Omelettes for Beginners class at SVA, I thought, ‘Here’s a kid who knows how to break some eggs. Mind you, he didn’t look the type back then–elvish, frizzy-haired. In class it soon became clear that he had the skills. Good ideas well expressed, that’s what making omelettes (or anything) is all about. Skill and endless energy to make and keep making: these are the qualities that I always associate with Cardon Egg.”
—Sam Potts

“Cardon Webb rummages through design history to create original concoctions of lettering and imagery. His conglomeration of six Oliver Sacks book covers is outstanding.”
—Paul Shaw

“Cardon Webb will forever stand out in my mind. As will our cherished hand in hand sunset walks on the shores of Cancun.”
—Matteo Bologna