Entertainment Weekly
Aug 31, 2012

Entertainment Weekly’s “Shelf Life” blog has posted an “exclusive” sneak peek slideshow highlighting my new editions of the Ralph Ellison backlist. Six in all which will hit bookstores in September. A feature they entitled, Six jazzy new covers for classic Ralph Ellison titles.

Aug 28, 2012

Very happy to announce that I have been accepted to the Type@Cooper program at Cooper Union! I will be apart of the programs 3rd year, class of 2013 with 11 others. Very excited to learn from some of the type industries elite and expand my type skills and knowledge. Will be kicking off the school year come October 1st.

Josef Albers
Aug 2, 2012

Today during my lunch break Jason Booher and I popped over to The Morgan Library & Museum to view the Josef Albers in America exhibition. The majority of the show is process pieces and color studies. All complete with penciled notes, numbers and comments of the artist. Even notes scratched into the then wet paint using his palette knife! I particularly enjoy getting a peek into ones process and methodology. A small window into the madness/genius.

Erik van Blokland
Jul 10, 2012

Last night Type@Cooper hosted Erik van Blokland as part of the Herb Lubalin Lecture Series. Inspiration, tools, and the failings of the human eye were all topics discussed. His light hearted demeanor and sporadic comedic commentary was a pleasant juxtaposition to his sometimes mind-blowing research.

SciArt series
Jun 8, 2012

The SciArt Series is a collection of art and design that celebrates the scientific breakthroughs at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. I was contacted to participate and produce a poster to visually convey a project dealing with Tinnitus, a condition of chronic ringing in the ears. Through the use of honey bee sound frequencies students have developed a method to put at ease or alleviate those affected. See my poster design here.

Jesse Ragan
Jun 5, 2012

I had the delight and pleasure of spending a couple hours with Jesse Ragan this morning at his new studio in Greenpoint. Our time was spent looking over some lettering and logo-types I am creating for and new series of book covers. One of my better ideas as of late was contacting Jesse for some type consultancy. It was of coarse enlightening, but also fun!

Bas Jacobs
Jun 5, 2012

Last night at the TDC Bas Jacobs of Underware a pan-European design collective, gave an invigorating presentation entitle Keep Dreaming. He touched on the importance of sketching, creative play and grounding yourself from the internet and social medias. His insight left me wanting to start carrying my sketch book again. I was able to grab dinner afterwords with him and others in Korea-Town afterwords, a perfect way to end an evening, surrounded by good food and company.

Craig Modd
May 21, 2012

Craig Modd gives a shout out to my Oliver Sacks series (22:55). In reference to how well he believed it would/could translate into an online ebook shopping experience and marketing.

Greg Lamarche
May 9, 2012

The Greg Lamarche event at the TDC last night was a pleasure. He is quite the story-teller! He began with his graffiti covered schoolyard in Queens and ended with his most current art deco collage experimentations. It is always rejuvenating and a relief to see work done by hand, especially at his craft and skill level. Stop by to see his work in person while it is still on display!

Leonardo Sonnoli
May 1, 2012

I had the pleasure of attending the Leonardo Sonnoli presentation at the MAD museum, hosted by AIGANY and Paula Scher. What a massively talented and inspiring individual and designer. Slide after slide of beautiful and unconventional work. His use of juxtapositions (prevalent in his cultural institutions, installation in museums) are visual delight.

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