Oliver Sacks Series
Jun, 2011

Oliver Sacks has a unique talent in that he can understand and piece together the far borderlands of neurological experience and the abnormalities of the human mind, and then write about his findings in a coherent, accessible and distinguished way. The idea of creating a tableau of all six books in this series came from wanting to mirror visually the conceptual idea of discovery. The challenge was to not only have each of the six books book stand on its own visually and conceptually, but also have them, when pieced together, form a single compelling and illustrative image. Arranged together, the covers create a powerful view of a human head while individual covers deftly convey in graphic shorthand the neurological idiosyncrasies Sacks describes in each book. The use of color atop the clinical black and white imagery represents the vibrancy Sacks discovers within his patients, the life that he finds where nothing was meant to exist.

Featured on Fast Co. Design

D&AD Yellow Pencil Award winning selection